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Taigun Empty Taigun

Post by Reikon Keiri on Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:03 am

Name of Clan:Taigun

Name of Bloodline:Akuma no Keishitsu

Clan History:

When:The exact date isn't known, and there are many rumored dates as to when the clan and its bloodline first made its appearance. Most stories surround times during the second great ninja war, however because of the lack of members or any substantial number, most people believe the date of existence is much more recent. Only those of the clan actually know.

How:Among the tid bits of information shared by the clans only reoccurring member, Reikon Keiri, it all started with a Demon Lord, one of the many rulers of the various circles of hell, grew tired of watching his underlings fight amongst each other for his amusement. Wanting newer children, who would reek havoc upon others, he created from his very own blood, the Taigun. In the story, as Reikon claims his own existence testifies that it is in fact true and not just any legend, the Demon Lord lifted his great hand and cut his palm, spilling his blood. With his other hand he took his giant sword and struck the ceiling above him, opening an passage to the surface. There his blood went, forming into three figures. Reikon refused to list the names or any information on other two figures, but Identified himself as one of the first of the three.

However, certain laws were not to be broken, and one of these laws was that when entering the surface world from hell, one must be reborn. Eventually the three "siblings" split apart, two disappearing forever. As of today, Reikon is the only member of this clan known to exist. Some speculate that Reikon would have to be well above the age of any human for this story to be true and perhaps even of demon heritage. Many people believe this to be true, claiming they have seen Reikon before, and in many forms, from a child, to an adult, to a teenager. Others just believe it is some form of advanced transformation, similar to the one used by the now passed sannin Tsunade. However the case there is still much to be learned about this clan, and many mysteries left unsolved.

Where:Like so many other things Reikon, and most assuredly on purpose, refrains from giving a straight answer to this question. Many times people have asked, and he leaks little bits of information, such as once having been a great village, full of all the sinners of the world. A place where one was born inhuman, or became as such. Other reviews and rumors from other ninja have also spoken of such a place, particularly one such office where "the walls were solid, using the souls of mankind, and held together by their flesh". This place has yet to be found but all rumors point to the deepest and most harshest regions of the Outerlands.

Bloodline Type: Being explained later on, the bloodline has both an Innate and Mutation characteristic.

Bloodline Information:

The abilities of the bloodline come in three forms, all being natural in the general sense of the word. The first of these natural abilities is what Reikon refers to as a true manipulation. All Taigun members have the ability to control their blood inside or outside of their body without having to use chakra. This is unlike most elements gained from a bloodline, where chakra still needs to be present in order to gain access to the element. However it is not without its fall-backs. With each use of the technique comes a dizzying effect for a few brief seconds, up to several minutes depending on the amount of blood the jutsu calls for. This is due to blood leaving the body in a very quick manner. As this is used more often, the user can become more accustom to the feeling, and before long the dizziness only lasts for a few seconds. This is also due to the fact that as the person becomes more advanced in their ability to manipulate the blood, they can become more accurate with shaping and drawing on it, being able to judge precise amounts, thus having to use less blood for their techniques. This ability is Innate.

The second of these three natural abilities is the bloods nature. The blood is found to have strange enzyme like cells in it. These enzyme like cells appear to be calm on their own, doing absolutely nothing at all, however due to some reaction which can't be fully explained, these enzymes enter a frenzied mode, and begin breaking down other materials. This gives the blood an acidic like appearance and has so far been proven effective against most types of material. Depending on the material and several other things like length or thickness depends on how quickly the blood will eat away at said material. It seems Reikon's skin is immune to this kind of effect. Some people say it would make sense, his body adapting and creating a defense for itself so that Taigun won't just simply die out. Others believe it is in fact because he has demonic blood, and is even part demon himself. This ability is Innate.

The third and final ability is the ability to spread his bloodline. A very dangerous process that involves injecting the blood into another persons blood. There are several other procedures that need to be taken into account, some of which Reikon has kept to himself, that in turn allows the user to gain the abilities of the bloodline. The effects of this to people who are not born with this is for one, an almost drug like addiction to the blood. The precise effects are different for each person but the general base effects are addictiveness couple with anger, and paranoid tendencies to the point of seeing illusions. It also appears that it is a dominant trait, and often destroys a persons ability to control one of their elements (this simply means it takes up a element slot if you receive the bloodline by this method). Also, it seems others who were introduced into the clan by this method cannot pass on the bloodline the same way. It has to come from a pure source. Most members who receive the bloodline in this manner can also only attain a Intermediate level of manipulation, and the severe corrosive nature of the blood has been boiled down to a harsh burning sensation upon contact with the skin. This ability is a mutation, in the sense that it changes a persons body.

There are no official stages to this bloodline, only three natural abilities (two if you were given the blood and not born with it).

Bloodline Ultimate Form: There is one, ultimate form of the blood which alters the person body physically in an inhumane way. This ultimate form is a cursed seal technique, and is extremely dangerous to use for both people. It takes precise and exact control, and even among an advanced blood user the risk is still greater than one would like. Intermediate leveled blood users have an even greater risk of being killed after use and would do themselves a favor if they just didn't attempt it. Anyone who is a beginner is certain to die. This technique will always kill a beginner after use no exceptions.

Strengths:Great diversity in offensive and defensive techniques, and for just a general purpose attack or defensive action. It has many uses, and even more-so comes naturally without the need for chakra to use it.

Weaknesses:Killing yourself is easy if you can't maintain a hold of yourself. Most of the jutsu require using your own blood, and can quickly lead to extensive blood loss, fainting, or extended periods of dizziness. All of which are not good during battle.

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Taigun Empty Re: Taigun

Post by Zyr Senju on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:00 pm

Looks well thought out as always my friend, approved.

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