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Reikon Keiri WIP

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Reikon Keiri WIP Empty Reikon Keiri WIP

Post by Reikon Keiri on Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:57 am

Keiri Reikon

Reikon Keiri WIP Oni

General Information
Name:Reikon Keiri

Nickname:Rei Rei, Navy, Naveh



Body Type:Slim/built

General Appearance:

Well his overall body appearance is built, yet still very slim. He has lots of sharp, angular features and looks almost fragile, hiding the fact that he is actually stronger than he appears. Some features of his body are also alittle animalistic. All of his teeth are slightly more pointed, and his tongue is narrower and spade shaped. He has a very charming appearance, but most people avoid him because of his eyes. His eyes sparkle and flare with what no one else could describe. Most just refer to it as evil, other corruption. These unnaturally crystal green eyes contradict his innocent appearance, giving off a feeling of unease to others.

As for his clothing choice he keeps it slightly simple. On most days he wears thin, metal plated, black leather armor. Several spider and vein like designs of a blood red color can be seen all over this armor. Many people claim they have even seen the lines move on occasions. As for pants he wears the same thing, and his ninja shoes are the same.

Personality:Reikon is an imp. He lies, deceives, or otherwise tells the truth in a misleading way. He usually has intentions separate of what everyone believes, and he has no true friends. Reikon believes friendship can be measured in who benefits you the most. His morals are little to none, and though he puts on a calm and unsettling behavior, just beneath that is a horrid, foul creature, that words cannot describe. On a random note, he has a eye for the women, being less cruel to them than men. Also his favorite food is ramen, with chunks of raw meat.

Other: Reikon disappeared suddenly during the 4th great ninja war and has not been heard of since. Rumors however say people have seen him in the outerlands.

Like previous ninja who were known very well for their sadistic nature and obtained a 'killing intent' Reikon has a 'Myths'. Because of all the rumors of whether his heritage is that of a demon, people will become paranoid when facing him. They will grow scared and nervous that he will try to devour them, or turn them into some sort of imp minion. Its a small mind game that if not controlled by the person, can swell to overreaction.

Age:Unknown (Appears to be 12)

Height:4" 9
Weight:97 lbs

-Raw Meat

-Having to list likes
-Having to list dislikes
-People who have morals and claim to do things for good
-More snow


Ninja Information


Elements:Blood, Water


Bloodline:Akuma no Keishitsu


Personal Information
-Eating his victims
-Cruel or unusual humor during fights or normal conversation
-Cheats these lists by putting a crappy or smart ass answer, such as this

-Major factor in his style of fighting is very dangerous when used carelessly
-Small spaces
-Ability to maintain alliances, often putting himself in a position thats several people against him

-All around fighting style

-These lists
-Small spaces
-True "Holy" Objects

Role Play Sample:
RP sample from other sites:[i]-
[i]RP sample of this character - "Anyways, so I look back down at his wife and lemme tell ya, this babe is putting on the works. Tears, that scared shitless face mixed with hope that I'll leave her there, to be some lone survivor, and hatred. It was quiet sad really. So I lean down beside her, the whole time her house and village is burning down around us like all hell has risen up at this one spot, and I get her two simple choices. I tell her she'll either make a very pretty meal, or she can be my girl." The dumb, drooling bandits he was striking up a conversation with were caught in the story with glee written all over their faces. By now Reikon assumed they thought he was just telling the tale like this on purpose, to make it seem more sick. One of the bandits chuckled and then asked in a slurred, drunken tone "Aye den wot 'id ya do ta 'er mate?" Reikon smirked and pointed at the red stains on his shirt, and his teeth. "Well this is all thats left of her, oh with the exception of one of her legs." He turned and pulled out a piece of calf muscle, the skin still clinging to it, though rather usually and in strips of ripped flesh. As he swiveled back to face the bandits the paled a green sickly color. Their eyes flew open wide and they fell over themselves as they scampered to grab their bags, forgetting about the other things. One even vomited as he was pulling himself back up. Soon they could be heard, running through the Outerlands, shouting "Demon!" and "Psycho!" Reikon simply sighed and flicked his wrist.:[i]
[i]RP sample this character- A few yards ahead the bandits were running with all their might, feet pounding the ground hard as they put all their strength into moving their legs faster. Reikon, still sitting back at the last bandit made rest stop, flicked his wrist. A simple motion that brought so much pain to his newest victims. Screams sounded off from the direction the bandits took. Reikon sat up slowly, then began his care-free walk towards the bandits. When he got there he had found that it wasn't so hard with bandits. His matrix didn't even require he use any mist. The bandits, twitching and thrashing in pain, where caught in a horrible trap, impaled and punctured in place by several red string like weapons. A sizzle could be heard, and to their horror this substance was eating away at their insides. Reikon watched, stood for hours as they screamed. Then they stopped screaming, they just hung there suspended until eventually they fell to pieces. Reikon so enjoyed the way he got his food. And they were nicely marinated with all sorts of alcohol. This was a good day indeed.:

Reikon Keiri

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