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Shinkei Clan [Awaiting Approval]

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Shinkei Clan [Awaiting Approval]

Post by DM on Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:54 pm

Name of Clan: Shinkei

Name of Bloodline: Shīdo

Clan History: The Shinkei Clan originated from ancient shinobi who seeked the manipulate the elements of the shinobi world, eventually studying Alchemic properties, and the transforming of matter. They wrote books, and novels about their ideals, stating how it could be used by shinobi. However, not many knew how to use it, so it became extinct. Eventually, some began learning it, and teaching it to their children, allowing the legacy of it to continue. Later, they brought together the Advanced element of the Clan to be Metal, adding great power to their clan.

Bloodline Type: Innate

Bloodline Information: The Shokubutsu Clan can manipulate the elements through equal exchange, at least of the Earth elements; they cannot manipulate the other four main elements (Water, Fire, Lightning, and Wind). They have a special element, being Metal, and can only do each by the Alchemy rule of equal exchange.

Bloodline Ultimate Form: -

Strengths: The Ability to use Alchemy to make Metal immediately with Chakra, and the knowledge of Earth element.
Weaknesses: Cannot manipulate the other elements ever, and cannot do Genjutsu.


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Re: Shinkei Clan [Awaiting Approval]

Post by Hayataro-Sage of Dragons- on Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:25 pm

Approved. I like how you only specialize in one element. It shows that you won't be to OP in the future.



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