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Hikarikage's Office (Open To Relevance)

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Hikarikage's Office (Open To Relevance)

Post by DM on Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:41 pm

(The office is stained with the dusty skulls of his past opponents whom he killed to get where he is today. He keeps them in his office as a reminder of what obedience he will inflict into his people to keep order in the Sun Village. He has a Mahogany Desk in his office, painted a dark-blue color to show his "true colors," to people whom enter his room. It's symbolic of the depression he feels inside of him, though, he doesn't know it; all he knows is that it's the color he wanted.

Dark Red shades cover the blank spaces in the wall, not letting too much light in on the office, symbolizing his dark heart against people. It also gives him a quite dramatic look on the people who visit him, his uncovered face hidden by the darkness. They only know him by the armor, hiding evidential facial looks. To him, he likes the shades, due to them looking like they were white sheets stained with blood that was never washed out; it meant the blood he had in his hands could never be washed out, giving him this permanent sin. And as they say: "Once a sinner, always a sinner."

In the flooring, is an escape door, allowing him to go down a level in the Hikarikage Building, narrowly escaping near-death. There is also an alternate door, which would be a hidden compartment for his secret scrolls, allowing him to pull them out in the need of an emergency in the office. However, the jutsu compartment requires a cost of HIS chakra to open, as he pre-made the seal on a "box," which he then planted in the floorboard of the Office. Thanks to this, his secrets are safe.

Lastly, the door is traditional American in standard, being fine-wood that is hinged together to the doorway. It has a lock, providing some security, but is easily broken. It's just a small improvement from the typical Japanese sliding door, though it benefits the Hikarikage greatly.)


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