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Naru Uzumaki Jr

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Naru Uzumaki Jr Empty Naru Uzumaki Jr

Post by naru uzumaki jr on Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:48 am

General Information
Name: Naruto “Naru” Uzumaki


Gender: Male

General Appearance.
Naru wears a white t-shirt. This white t-shirt has the kanji for wind imprinted right on its back. Naru also wears loose black pants. He has a weapon holster wrapped on his right thigh with white bandages. He also wears wooden geta. However, his get are specially made with steel blocks on the bottom instead of ordinary wood.

Height: 4’5
Weight: 82 lbs

Personality: Naru has inherited the personality mostly from his father. When someone makes a conversation too long he will stop listening and ask to have it explained over again. He also can be deceived very easily from his lack of thinking over something more than once. He often comes off as someone who is quite gullible and would be easy to trap. However, he does begin o think things over more thoroughly in battle. He does tend to sharpen his tactical skills as he has more battle experience.
Naru also has little respect for others above him. He does not use honorifics to those above him based n him seeing himself as the highest person he will ever meet. Naru has taken many punishments and often would require to test the ability of someone before he would learn from them. This does limit the amount of new skills he would let others below him teach him.

Age: 12

Ninja Information
Village: Moon

Rank: Genin

Elements: None

Replacement Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu,Supplementary
Decription: The user will first make a hand seal. Then they can replace themselves with a nearby object. This object can be anything from tree branches to another ninja.

Transformation jutsu
Element: none
Description: The user will first make a hand seal. Then they can transform their appearance into anything they want.

Clone Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu,supplementary
Element: None
Description: The user first makes a hand seal. Then the user cn create clones out of chakra. These clones are illusionar and hld no physical roperties.
Bloodline: Uzumaki Clan – Extended lifespan.

Personal Information
Habits: Being a loudmouth, Using a lot of chakra in battle without thinking about limits

Weaknesses: Weak Chakra Control, Long Range Fighting, Bad at Stealth

Strengths: High Endurance Levels, High Chakra reserves, Skilled at close range fighting

Fears: Not Achieving something on his bucket list, Fighting having to kill someone from his own village.

Likes: Noodles, Close Range Fighting, Winning

Dislikes: Vegetables, Long Range Fighting, Losing

Twelve years ago The Fourth Great Ninja War was fought between the Akatsuki and the Five Great Ninja Villages. The end of the war was left to be decided by a clash by the last surviving members of The Uchiha clan and the Uzumaki clan. The aftermath of this long battle wounded both ninja to retreat. The Uzumaki had the Kyubi extracted from his body as he died. He had his last dying wish was for the child he conceived with a ninja from the Moon Village to be given the power of the Kyubi. The leaders of the Five Great Nations granted his wish and his child was used as the next jinchuriki for the Kyubi.
Naruto “Naru” Uzumaki grew up not knowing his father. He only became a ninja after his mother told him the story of how his father died. Naru has also grown up excluded from most social groups because he was a jinchuriki. Naru spent his time at the ninja academy in detention because he refused to acknowledge any of the instructors as “sensei”. He often just refers to them by their name which does get him trouble with his superiors a lot.
Naru did manage to pass the academy. He did struggle on the written exam, but he passed it. Naru also managed to pass the jutsu part by focusing his chakra to create mor clones to clear up his chakra reserves and make it easier when using more chakra at once.

naru uzumaki jr

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