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DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval)

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DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval) Empty DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval)

Post by DM on Thu Jan 06, 2011 7:31 pm

Unknown, DM

DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval) CoolAnime

General Information
Name: DM [Shinkei]

Nickname: Dark Master, Sun's Neutral Factor, and The Darkness

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Body Type: Well-toned, firm, thin, and flexible.

General Appearance: Typically dressed in black armor covering all by his hands, and parts of the face, he is a tough person to deal with. The armor is strong, weaved from his Clan's own chakra with the Metal Manipulation. It is quite durable, able to stop most metal weapons from breaking through to the exterior. His eyes are clouded by the darkness of the armor, him being slightly reduced in speed, but not by alot. On his armor are reinforced gloves with transmutation circles, allowing him to use his Clan techniques on the ground without the removal of his defensive armor. It beneficially covers his hair, concealing his appearance to people who do not know his armor.

In Hokage garbs, he's dressed in dark yellow, expressing the color of the Sun with his wardrobe, being vital to pride of the Sun Ninja. Even if he's a cruel person, he still wants them to fight with pride for their village, or else they wouldn't be as strong. A true fighter believes in his cause, and that's why he chose to wear this garb. He has typically revealed skin, and is often seen with a scroll on his back, with a list of Earth techniques.

Personality: The DM is a rather dark, cold, and brutal Kage to the Sun Village. He delivers cold justice to those he deems deserves it, and is an excellent killer in the art of combat. His clan gives him an edge in the battle, able to easily turn the tides, as his dark attitude kicks in, leaving him to show no mercy to anyone.

In his normal life, he is obviously disliked for his cruelty, but has no arguements as he keeps an orderly rule over the Sun Village. He has become somewhat of an emperor, defending the village and leaving no reason for him to be overthrown. He is leading it, and delivering justice as the village Kage, that being trivial for any Kage to do.


Age: 20s

Height: 5'5
Weight: 148 Lb.

Likes: Control, Power, Learning Techniques, Creating Techniques, and Experimenting with battle styles.

Dislikes: Rejection, Rebellion, Too Much Freedom, Lack of Justice, and People.

Genin Years:
After typical years of becoming under the normal Academy Student training, he was placed into a Genin squad. There he studied Genjutsu, and learned hand-to-hand combat from his sensei, whom greatly interested him. At this age, he began to formulate his sick mind, as he had began to become a cruel person due to the awful parents he had. What he did was grab his sensei out of nowhere, and raped her, proceeding to then kill her, all while most of his body was covered in his clan's armor. When the deed was done, he buried her damaged remains, and left her there.

To him, she was giving an injustice: sexual lust. If was unjust that a boy like him couldn't be with her, so his sick mind made up that idea to make him do it. It really was a true tragedy, but he was not caught, thankfully. He still studied, the sensei's disappearance causing him to be trained by his parent's. The attitude of them continued to run off on him, the boy using rough fighting, and almost killing the opponent's he had in the Chunin Exam. He was beginning to become whom he is at the moment; a ruthless, merciless, and cruel killer who serves for order and deals pain.

Chunin Years:
He became more powerful in his Chunin Year, learning many more Metal Manipulation techniques. He would use techniques to crack their foot bones, such as where senbon would rise from the ground due to the Alchemic ninjutsu, or whatever was possible at the time. However, the investigation of his sensei's corpse was leading them ever closer on the path towards her former students: ideally, they looked at DM's squad-mates, not believing he would be sick enough to kill a Jonin. It was amusing to DM, as he laughed to himself often about their ignorance, and stupidity to not expect him. It would eventually be their downfall, as far as he could say.

He stayed quiet, not talking to his fellow Chunin, and was strictly a hard-worker. He trained his speed, hand-to-hand combat, and his ability to make the metal ninjutsu faster. He believed he was never fast enough so he needed to do this. After years of repetitive training, he was put into the Chunin exams, but had a more difficult time. It seemed adaptation began; the Chunin knew he was aggressive, and ruthless, so they had prepared.

However, it didn't quite work that way, as when he fought a chained-kunai user, he grabbed the kunai, and pulled the chain, dragging them at him before they could release. He then released the kunai, and as the enemy fell into range, he performed a technique, bringing forth a large wall of metal, making the enemy smack into it. With the stunning damage, he got up, and snapped their neck, becoming a Jonin with the penalties of being exiled as he was chased out.

Road to Sun Village Kage:
After having a ball in Konoha, he ditched the village, possibly even being a side-reason to going to the Sun Village. Once he killed his first victim in the village, he took their home keys, and headband, taking a new identity. It was fun to assassinate someone again, similarly to how he kidnapped and raped his first sensei. As a Jonin, he followed several missions, often killing his partners, but giving him the identity of "The Doomed Man," as anyone who went on a mission with him mysteriously disappeared on the mission. Things changed in his head when he saw the free flowing Kage, smoking a pipe, and most likely high on most occassions.

Witnessing his stupidity and lack of will to lead, he proved to be the new leader they needed, but not what they wanted. In a way, he was to be a Dark leader, and rule with definite power. His power would have no limits, and his control would ensure the protection of his people. It was their order to obey him for his protecting them; he was the single-man of a government, and everyone else was the citizens. He now rules the village, staying as the Kage of Sun for as long as possible.

Ninja Information
Village: Ex-Konohagakure No Sato, Current-Sun Village

Rank: Village Leader (Kage)

Elements: Metal (Advanced/Bloodline Element), Earth (Natural Element; Includes Mud, Stone, etc.)

Jutsu: Will register others later, but for now...

Metal Alchemy:

Name: Hari Raijingu No Jutsu (針ライジング, Rising Needle Technique
Rank: C
Element: Metal Manipulation
Type: Hiden
Description: Hari Raijingu No Jutsu is a Bloodlimit element-technique used by the Clan's alchemy. By placing their hands on the ground, and using alchemy, they will make senbon rise from the ground, yet still be merged with it. It will appear below the targeted area, and can be increased in the area and amount it covers by adding more chakra.

Name: Kaitai Sai Kōsei No Jutsu (解体再構成, Deconstruction Reconstruction Technique)
Rank: D
Element: Metal Manipulation
Type: Supplementary
Description: Kaitai Sai Kōsei No Jutsu is a simple technique created by DM. By putting his alchemical chakra into a metal weapon, it's body and anything attached will deconstruct or merge with the ground, reconstructing to go out the location of his choosing. For example, a senbon dropped into the Earth from infront of him could come out from below his opponent's feets, stabbing their foot as they stood.

Name: Buki Henkō No Jutsu (武器の変更, Weapon Change Technique)
Rank: D
Element: Metal Manipulation
Type: Supplementary
Description: Buki Henkō No Jutsu, rather a weak technique, allows DM to use Alchemy on his own weapon. By reproportioning a weapon, he can affects its shape and benefits. For example, a normal kunai could become a curved one with use of this technique, proving useful for enemies that would think to "move" out of the "normal kunais" straight path.

Name: Suchīru Kabe No Jutsu (スチール壁, Steel Wall Technique)
Rank: C
Element: Metal Manipulation
Type: Supplementary
Description: Suchīru Kabe No Jutsu is a defensive ninjutsu of the alchemy clan. By using Alchemy on the ground, or any place with a collected amount of much metal, they can cause a steel wall to rise from the ground, protecting from most damage - except Lightning.

Name: Shūsei No Jutsu (修正, Fix Technique)
Rank: D
Element: Metal Manipulation
Type: Supplementary
Description: Shūsei No Jutsu is a technique that obviously involves the use of Alchemy. By gathering appropriate amounts of Metal and the broken weapon, it can be returned to what it once was.

Name: Misairuburēdo No Jutsu (ミサイルブレード, Missile Blade Technique)
Rank: B
Element: Metal Manipulation
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Misairuburēdo No Jutsu is a tactical Ninjutsu used by DMs clan. Using alchemy, they make 10 swords rise from the ground, and chase the target, using their chakra as a leash to them. Since they act as their own, the only way to stop them is to get them to hit something, even a tree, the ground, or a stone. They can also be destroied or stunned by hits from metal projectiles.

Name: Burēdo Niyorushi No Jutsu (ブレードによる死, Finisher! Death By Blades Technique)
Rank: S
Element: Metal Manipulation
Type: Ninjutsu/Forbidden
Description: Burēdo Niyorushi No Jutsu is a Forbidden Technique for Metal Manipulation that DM made. By going to the miniature level, he is able to break up his sword into thousands of tinier swords, that make a dome-area in the specific location of DMs choosing. Of course, it is avoidable by simply avoiding being trapped, but it is still a death-trap. With all the swords plunging into the skin, it would lead to immediate death by bloodloss.

~Note~: Yes, a Bleach-ripoff.

Earth Alchemy/Ninjutsu Techniques:

Name: Doton: Nami No Jutsu (波動地球, Earth Style: Wave Technique)
Rank: C
Element: Earth
Type: Variable
Description: Doton: Nami No Jutsu is a custom technique known to DM. By using alchemy, he can turn the ground into mud, manipulating it into the form of a wave that goes crashing at the target. Using chakra, he can easily ride this wave, and use it to get the upper-hand on the a hit opponent.

Name: Doton: Shizen Setsuzoku No Jutsu (自然接続, Earth Style: Nature Connection Technique)
Rank: D
Element: Earth
Type: Supplementary
Description: Doton: Shizen Setsuzoku No Jutsu is a supplementary tracking technique made by DM. By using an alchemy link with the ground, he is able to sense the vibrations in the ground, and nearby area, thus able to pinpoint enemies when they aren't a large distance away, such as over 10 yards.

Name: Doton: Torappu Yuka No Jutsu (トラップ床, Earth Style: Trap Floor Technique)
Rank: C
Element: Earth
Type: Offensive
Description: Doton: Torappu Yuka No Jutsu is an offensive, yet tactical Earth technique. The area will be turned into mud, covering the opponent's location on the ground in mud, yet has a twist. The trick is the quick reconstructing of the mud, turning it back into Earth, causing people who were in the mud to be delayed by the Earth trap that they stepped into.

Bloodline: Shīdo: The use of Alchemy through gloves containing the Transmutation circle, allowing the deconstruction and reconstruction of the Earth Element and Metal Element.

Clan: Shinkei

Personal Information
Habits: Likes to tease his targets into a fit to keep them distracted, likes to slaughter the unjust members of the village brutally, and likes to lick his lips.

Weaknesses: Weak Genjutsu; Strength is typical, unlike Speed; Reduced speed due to his armor; limited in Alchemic ninjutsu; and inability to use any normal element except Earth-based ones.

Strengths: Weaponry, Hand-to-hand combat, Long-range combat, Ninjutsu, Speed, and no hand-seals required for techniques of Alchemy.

Fears: Losing power, Losing the Village, and Losing control over the Village (he hopes he never loses power to prevent anarchy).

Role Play Sample:
RP sample from other sites:[i] (optional)
[i]RP sample of this character - Simply talking:

"Hello Amarante-sensei," DM said to his teacher. She smiled at him so innocently, nodding with acceptance. She responded with the same words, putting his name in to make it work. "You're looking quite lovely today," he said, showing no sign of blush despite his lust. His cold heart hid that sort of expression. She thanked him, finding it nice of him to say something like that. "So, what would you to like to learn, or train today, DM-kun?" Amarante-sensei had questioned. He nodded, putting his finger to his lip for a moment, pondering what he'd like to do. He had one thing always in mind, but it was too dirty to say. "Can you teach me the Art of Water Surface Walking?" DM questioned, eager to learn this. She nodded, blushing slightly for some odd reason, but he ignored it.

The two gathered at a nearby lake, with them both standing at the edge. She knew he was skilled at chakra control, so she let him do what he had to do, and had him focus chakra to his feet. "Okay, now that it's focused, step on the water, and try walking on it," she instructed with a smile. As they both walked on it, he fell through, and she was even able to do front-flips without falling through the water; did he mention she was a showoff? "That was OK, but you need to balance your chakra, or else the Art of it will fail. If you can master balance, you can do what I did - maybe even more." She explained as he got to dry land. She waited in the middle of the lake, letting him try again before she returned to him. He ran on the water this time, balancing chakra as best as he could, but before he could reach her, he fell through again. This lousy kid.

She ran to him, and grabbed him from above water; she had to bring him to dry land. Seeing him not breathing, she gave him mouth to mouth, but he grabbed her head and sucked lip with her, exchanging tongue like a fool. She pulled away blushing, looking pissed at him. He could only say: "Hehe, sorry... instincts." She blushed redder, ignoring it. She told him he had to really try this time because she wouldn't save him again. Disappointed by this, he actually balanced the chakra, and ran over to her, sprawling into an embrace with Amarante-sensei. "You did it!" She shouted, hugging him into her chest, with him smiling like a pervert.

RP sample this character- Fighting:

The power from the ground erupting from his core had made the Kage press his hands to the ground, with Alchemy-type chakra pulsating through the ground with great power. Needles began to erupt from the ground, dozens rising in the center of an opponent, attempting to pierce their legs. The bottom of them was wedged into the ground, actually being a part of it. His empty, shadowed face was unaffected by the ruthlessness he had showed when doing this attack. His enemy sprang upwards with speed just enough to avoid the damage. They were lucky, as the needles had just broke their sandals in half. The enemy ditched them, DM preparing another technique.

Now rocks rose from the ground, separating from the ground as they were lunged at the target, attempting to flatten the enemy. The DM moved to the side, pulling out a long-katana, and charging at the enemy as the rocks would hold off the enemy. As the enemy pulled away from them, they fired a Fire Ball at the DM, only for DM to use a Mud Blast to subdue the flame, creating a thick fog to escape through. With the use of his own technique, he was able to sense the vibration of the ground with chakra, and track his opponent down. When getting a surprise opening, he went for a hit, but was blocked by the opponent's arm, feeling his blade stop at the bone. "Tch, foolish move," he said. The blade was stuck in the bone, making a small cut in it, but it was still enough to keep it in there due to the matching size of the mark. He used the time to drop a kunai into the ground, with chakra implanted, a technique allowed it to go in the ground through there, and out of the ground through his opponent's foot. Pinned in the ground, and their foot, DM smirked, choking his trapped victim with a free hand as he held the katana in place with the other. "Scared yet?" He questioned.

He awaited the response, but then decided he'd leave his opponent be. Their face was getting red, blue, purple, and other colors indicating a pass-out was coming close ahead. DM smirked, punching his hand through the opponent's chest, ripping out a lung. As the opponent began to fall, the senbon ripped more flesh in the foot, and pierced the shoulder. Already in enough pain, but still alive, the opponent hunched his way up. DM could only smile, knowing his opponent would still have some time with his one healthy lung. "You sure do got a lovely pair, don't you? Very healthy... but, I'm afraid this is where you die," he said with a sinister smirk. He cupped his hand around the erratically beating heart in his opponent's open body, ripping out the heart, disconnecting it's link to the enemy's heart. "What a shame it is to die," he began. "it's like you weren't even trying." He finished with a sigh.

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DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval) Empty Re: DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval)

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DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval) Empty Re: DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval)

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DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval) Empty Re: DM, the Dark Master-Kage of Sun (Awaiting Approval)

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