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Sages/Sannin Ranks And How To Achieve

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Sages/Sannin Ranks And How To Achieve  Empty Sages/Sannin Ranks And How To Achieve

Post by Hayataro-Sage of Dragons- on Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:08 pm

A Sannin is a person chosen in groups of three and will be known as the most powerful Ninja in existence. At this time I will be the only one to hold this tittle until we get more Users on the site. I will then hold a Tournament and decide if those ninja will be able to hold this title. They're can only be three Sages and three Sannin on this site at a time. Also just because you win the tournament won't mean you will get the tittle of Sannin.

A Sage is someone who uses the energy around them to utilize Senjutsu. Like the Sannin a Sage will be chosen in groups of three and can and most likely also be a Sannin. A tournament will be held once we have more users on the site. They're can and only will be three Sages on this site.

The only time another can gain each title is if a Sannin/Sage is killed and goes through a much harder training regimen than the previous Sage/Sannin he or she succeeded. Another way is if the other two Sannin feel as if the other doesn't belong in the group then the two may battle the Sannin/Sage. And if they both kill the previous member then they will chose who the next one will be by the two remaining members. The third and last way is if the Group Leader (i.e. Me) decides that if one of the members is undeserving of the title then the Group Leader will exile them making that persons reputation through the Ninja World to be nothing more than dust in the ground.

The Leader of each Group cannot be fought for his or her title the only way a person can become Group Leader is if the Leader chooses to give it to another.
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